Cutting edge technology and unique design combine to make your car, truck, or van a mobile messenger for your business or an eye-catching symbol of your personal style...

Vehicle Wraps.

A bold new way to advertise.

Today the options for promoting and marketing your business seem almost endless. From newspaper ads, billboards, and radio spots to today’s variety of social media every business is using whatever possible to attract customers. While everyone else relies on the traditional options, Commercial Press can put you on the road to success with an eye-catching new option—Vehicle Wraps! Custom designed, vibrant, colorful, and long lasting, vehicle wraps are a second skin that makes your company car a moving billboard promoting your business. Your one-time cost gives you an attractive and unique way of spreading the word about your business and makes customer impressions both while moving and standing still.

Vehicle wraps aren’t just for businesses—car fanatics, too, can work with Commercial Press to create a bold graphic design to help make their car or truck a unique reflection of your personal style. New wheels and bodywork can take your car from stock to custom but a Commercial Press vehicle wrap will turn heads!

See how you can add the ultimate personal statement to your car or truck
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